• Discover 和 prioritize active vulnerabilities first
    Gain visibility into your IT assets. Continually assess 和 prioritize critical vulnerabilities for remediation.
  • Speed up remediation with tracking 和 collaboration
    帮助IT部门更好地理解风险. Speed up remediation with automation 和 track progress with dashboards 和 reports.
  • Stay compliant with policy 和 regulatory requirements
    Don’t get caught out of step with policy or regulatory compliance. Assess your assets against industry benchmarks.
  • Leverage expert research 和 community insights
    Use intelligence from Rapid7 Labs to identify internet-facing assets 和 better prioritize vulnerabilities.
"We don't even have to wait for a scan to finish before we can start patching— we can do it straight away 和 then instantly see our risk score go down. This is incredibly motivating to our team."
Neil Johnson, Security 经理 at Evercore


Advanced vulnerability management analytics 和 reporting

Underst和 和 Prioritize Risk with Clarity

InsightVM not only provides visibility into the vulnerabilities in your on-prem IT environment 和 remote endpoints but also clarity into how those vulnerabilities translate into business risk 和 which are most 就像ly to be targeted by attackers.


Remediate with Impact 和 Influence

InsightVM不是灵丹妙药. 而不是, it provides the shared view 和 common language needed to align traditionally siloed teams 和 drive impact. It also supports a proactive approach to vulnerability management with tracking 和 metrics that create accountability for remediators, 展示跨团队的影响, 庆祝进步.



Insight Agent是一个宇宙, lightweight agent that collects data for Rapid7 InsightVM, InsightIDR, 和InsightOps. Deploy it once, 和 get live intel on both network 和 user risk on your endpoints.


Maximize the Value of Your Tech Stack

Point solutions are a thing of the past. Rapid7's dedicated integrations team ensures that InsightVM is a foundational source of intelligence for the rest of your security program, 帮助你所有的产品, 就像 InsightIDR, work better together to collectively improve ROI.



InsightVM is a data-rich resource that can amplify the other solutions in your tech stack, from SIEMs 和 firewalls to ticketing systems. Only InsightVM integrates with 40+ other leading technologies, 以及开放的RESTful API, your vulnerability data makes your other tools more valuable.

Learn how InsightVM can integrate with your:
SIEM, ITSM/ITOM,虚拟化 & Containers, 和 Credential Management & SSO



H和 over the operational day-to-day of your vulnerability management program to Rapid7 experts 和 focus on what matters—reducing risk.



Rapid7’s 产品咨询 team are field experts with decades of security experience, committed to setting your vulnerability management program up for success.


培训 & 认证

Get the most out of your vulnerability management tools with specialized training 和 certification for InsightVM.



客户成功 & 支持

It’s not just technology, it’s a journey. Rapid7 offers a full support system to help you succeed.

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